Michelle McNamara – Counselling, Hypnotherapy


Michelle is a psychotherapeutic counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in Fertility, Women’s Health and Family issues. 

With a Medical background in dentistry with over 20 years experience, Michelle has a vast experience and knowledge of people’s anxieties and fears, helping them to overcome these feelings and emotions, comforting them throughout treatments and procedures.

Michelle has worked in clinical and hospital environment’s always having an interest in the psychological well-being of patients, this led her to the career she has now. She feels she can relate to clients who are dealing with stress related problems and lifestyle issues that can increase anxieties and problems in many areas.

Michelle also specializes in dental fears, smoking cessation and anxieties. 

Through Hypnotherapy Michelle can help to address underlying fears, anxieties and stress giving you physical, emotional and mental balance, learning how to relax deeply and achieve success from the areas that she specializes in to help you cope and stay more optimistic in the future. 

With Counselling Michelle believes you can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing with her integrative approach. She supports and listens to you, through whatever journey you are going through.

Michelle also has experience and works for a family charity, with mentoring and supervision.

Anais Nin

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”

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