Lightning Process® Practitioner

Lauren is a Lightning Process® practitioner specialising in chronic pain, ME, anxiety, depression and autoimmune conditions:
“Having experienced burnout in a previous life, I faced a diagnosis of a ‘lifelong’ autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease. I was facing the prospect of a bleak future with rapidly deteriorating health, the potential loss of my career and a social life that was drawing to a close. I had reached a point where I really felt like I had become a shadow of myself.”


m: 07554 841880



“Jacqui has been a godsend! I’m a runner and found Jacqui after I suffered a Plantar strain due to bad shoes and tight calf muscles. Jacqui helped sort out the problem within a few sessions and is expert, extremely professional and a good laugh too. I now run better than I have for several years, and as I’m getting a bit older Jacqui is now a regular part of keeping me in good shape and enjoying my fitness!”


“Jacqui is a highly skilled and trained massage therapist. I searched for a great many years to find a therapist who is as knowledgeable and talented. I need a massage on a regular basis for knee and hip issues, without question since seeing her she has made a significant difference to my problem areas – she knows her stuff! I can not recommend her highly enough, in fact at the end of every deep tissue massage I want it all over again!”


“Having suffered with muscular back and neck problems for many years, I have seen a huge number of massage therapists, many of whom have left me feeling rather underwhelmed. Since seeing Jacqui though my back is in the best shape its ever been. Not only is Jacqui by far and away the best massage therapist I have ever met, she is also very warm and engaging, and extremely professional. Quite simply, there is no-one I would trust more with my back than Jacqui.”


Monday - Friday: 08:00AM - 21:00PM

Saturday: 08:00AM - 18:00PM