The Alexander Technique

Do you feel tense at the end of the day with neck, back or shoulder pain? Keep getting the same sports injury? Do you wake up stiff? Are these recurrent problems? We all have habits around the way we stand, sit, walk or even work out. Some of these postural habits are less than ideal and cause strain and tension in our bodies. The problem with muscular tension is that very quickly, it starts to feel the “norm”, we don’t realise that it is happening and it causes us discomfort. The Alexander Technique can help…

How does the Alexander Technique work?

The Alexander Technique (A.T.) helps to re-establish the natural relationship between the head, neck and back, which is the “core” of the body. The head is pivotal to this… Have you considered how heavy it is? An adult head weighs roughly 4kg (8.81lbs). Therefore if it is not balanced freely on top of your spine you will have to use much muscular tension, particularly in the neck to hold it up. Unbalanced, it has the effect of pushing the head and neck down, which compresses the spine. It pulls us down and narrows us, constricts movement and creates tension throughout the body but when it is balanced, you get a lengthening up and opening out of the body, lightness and far more freedom of movement.

AT has tools that aid body awareness, improve natural movement and make you more mindful. The result is better balance and coordination, improved performance and better breathing.

The Alexander Technique (A.T.) is an effective method for improving poor posture. It is great for managing neck, back and shoulder pain, muscle tension and stiffness. It is also helpful in dealing with stress and it’s physical impact.

From the first session, you can start to use the technique in your everyday life, work and leisure activities.

Change your posture and improve your health. When you look good, you feel good!


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