Jacquie Hackett – Bowen Technique and Massage Therapy

I am a holistic therapist, specializing in Bowen therapy and deep tissue massage. I also do Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, and waxing, and am a qualified Hypnotherapist. 

I have been a therapist for 34 years. I took the franchise for physical therapies at the first David Lloyd Leisure in Heston, Middlesex in 1982. I ran the Clinic there for about 16 years specializing mainly in tennis and athletics, attending Wimbledon every year as Chrissie Evert- Lloyd’s massage therapist. I worked with many well-known tennis players and athletes. 

During the mid-eighties sports psychologists began to recognize the impact that mental attitude had on the player’s game… and indeed physical well-being generally and I became very interested in the mind-body relationship. 

I decided to study hypnotherapy and qualified in 1995. I then began to look into the many different types of complementary therapies available and to discover the beneficial and often underrated effects they can have when used individually or in conjunction. 

My treatments are very individually tailored to suit the person I am treating. After consultation, we will decide together the most effective path to follow. This may involve several therapies and helpful techniques to practice at home. 

Massage is a very under-valued therapy, and many people still consider it a luxury, a treat, or a beauty treatment. It has been around forever and is indigenous to almost every culture. The therapeutic effects are endless on every level – mental, physical and spiritual. 

My massage technique is designed to release tension and lengthen and relax the muscles. It is mostly deep tissue and not particularly relaxing in itself, although it does have a very relaxing effect. I couldn’t say it is any particular style, rather it is an amalgamation of my many years’ experience in different techniques.

Please feel free to call and discuss your individual needs.   

The Bowen technique is a wonderful therapy and can have almost miraculous effects. I would heartily recommend you to search and read up about it.